jefferson's bourbon

"Whiskey Road"

show pitch


In the heart of Kentucky, Trey crafts bourbon as part of a time-honored tradition.. But unlike other distillers, he ages some of his barrels in different locations all over the world to see what effect those environments have on the whiskey. After a year or two he returns to tap the barrel and some of the locals he meets along the way, for their stories. This piece acted as a sales tool for Trey and company to pitch his show idea.

ROLE:  Creative Director, Director, Editor




We were shooting in just over two weeks from first hearing about this project. We scouted and shot in Montana over the course of three days. And while we were there, we met some of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing

The editorial responsibilities were divided between myself and another editor. I undertook the task from 3:40 to the conclusion.


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