For most of my life, I've been shaping stories across the mediums of photography, video, and print —
a passion ignited by a special mentor in my teens.

skill sets

Creative Video Production

With decades of experience in almost every aspect of video production, I now specialize in Creative Direction, Live Action Directing and Creative Editorial. Each role plays a part in the creative process, with insights from one role informing decisions in the others. Whether I am leading a team or not, I consistently work to find creative solutions in any part of the production process. Although my focus is primarily on short-form storytelling, one of my most gratifying projects was an 80 minute documentary...a passion project.


Around 2010, I fell in love with still photography all over again. So I started a business to document memorable moments in people’s lives…from newborns and birthdays, to weddings and memorials. I found it deeply satisfying to create something so personal and meaningful for an individual or family. Photography can alone capture the emotion of a moment unlike any other medium. I collaborated, worked and traveled with other photography and video professionals to document in order to aid clients in narrating their story.

Systems Developer

Meticulous organization is a key requirement of any video editor. As a result, I found myself as a 'self-appointed' systems developer for any process that could benefit by having a clear and defined workflow. I develop and implement well-structured systems, frameworks, and workflows using a variety of tools including Filemaker, APIs, Linux, Applescript, etc.

at the office

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